RockTape® in Maple Grove

RockTape® in Maple Grove MN
RockTape® in Maple Grove MN

RockTape® is a new innovative and versatile tape product that is used to treat a variety of injuries such as plantar fascitis, shin splints, lower back injuries, knee issues and pain, and much more. It is an elastic tape that is meant to lift the skin from soft tissue, like muscle, in order to promote greater blood flow in that area for faster healing and recovery.
RockTape® in Maple Grove at Lopez Health Center, LLC can also be used to drain the lymphatic fluid that is causing an area to swell, for compression or decompression of an area, pushing tendons and muscles to where you need them to be, for activation or deactivation of a muscle, or to simply improve athletic performance.

It is a non-latex tape that can be worn for up to five days, even in the shower or a pool.

Benefits of RockTape® for Residents in Maple Grove

RockBlades 2.0 is their newest line of IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) tools. RockBlades assist in working the soft tissues of the body by finding any adhesions or scars that lie within the muscle fibers in order to locate areas to focus on and treat. This device improves the doctor's accuracy in finding these focus areas compared to just using their fingers, knuckles, and hands. The purpose of these blades is to activate an inflammatory response in the area to produce new collagen and proper healing of those muscle fibers.

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